Anonymous asked you → more comics pls

i know its pretty disappointing how little comics i put out but i do think up all of them myself (minus ideas my sister helps fuel, and previously requests) and im not an endless well of weird stupid stuff u know sometimes i have nothing like writers block (i dont wanna call it that because what writers do is monumentally more important than what i do but theres no other way to explain it) 

okay also wow tmi time i have depression and add so sometimes it really stresses me out to think about this blog, like its pretty much an obligation or a job like it nags at me all the time and i want to make it good and i put a lot of work into the edits and stuff but like it just gets stressful especially when im about to graduate and my family has been having financial problems like i have a lot going on and sometimes this blog gets heavy idk that sounds dumb because this is just the internet but i just take a lot of stupid shit seriously and i dont reall yknow why

wow this was a really long reply i am sorry anon ill make it small or st


  1. betsyororo said: honestly you really shouldnt have to explain yourself for something like this. a blog shouldnt stress you out or feel like a job, it should be something you have fun with! take your time theres really no need to feel like ya haveta update!
  2. shutupheatherr said: that was not uncalled for, bb. I hope things start looking up for you soon, and, please, take your time. (on a side note, got that frog thing is creepy)
  3. kentuckyfreedchicken said: Sweetie. I couldn’t care less if you only updated once a year. I love all of your comics and I would hate if you felt stressed by doing this. Don’t let anything or anyone pressure you into doing something that you don’t want to do.
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